Red Days - Not just a piece of cloth

What is Diya Medicare's mission?

To make menstruation a non-issue in marginalised communities across India.. What does Diya Medicare do? Diya Medicare Foundation works with urban poor and rural communities across India to end menstrual stigma and improve menstrual hygiene practices, sexual reproductive health-seeking behaviour and mobility of women and girls. We create safe spaces to encourage dialogue around these taboo topics in communities and schools, partnering with state governments, teachers, front-line workers, men and boys to spark awareness and sustain a change in knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards women and girls. How does Diya Medicare Foundation work with? In a largely product driven menstrual hygiene space, Diya Medicare believes access and affordability to products is one part of the issue while the larger issue is lack of access to information, and having conversations around menstruation. We are currently working with women, girls, men, and boys.We are looking at working with a community as a unit, and hence, have started engaging with men and boys in these spaces as well. Goal Addressing the gaps and challenges of menstrual hygiene and management for the last women by engaging comprehensively with all key stakeholders. Strategy Breaking the culture of shame and silence around menstruation for the last women in rural and slum India and addressing their menstrual hygiene challenges with a Triple A approach on menstrual Access,Awareness and Affordability. Motivating urban masses to contribute cloth for making



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