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Diya Medicare Foundation

Diya Medicare Foundation is Non Profit Organization and it has been focusing on child education and specially empowerment of women and girls for their basic education and technical/vocational education, so that they can stand themselves.

Our organization is working in the State of Delhi. It operates in assisting and providing basic needs to children of poor economic background, abandoned or suffering from a disability/ disease.

We are focused on not only one or two areas but five different domains namely Ashirwad, Annapurna, Shrawan, Vidya and Red Days because we believe that a developing nation like India needs overall development to become a world where happiness and equality prevails.

Diya Medicare Foundation is a nonprofit organization aiming to uplift the life of every individual by providing basic requirements to the poor and needy, We support people of all backgrounds to construct a healthy and socially balanced community. “Uplifting the livelihood of all living beings” is our main motto and we serve every individual who approach us for help on day-to-day basis. We research, understand and reach out to people through street survey with our volunteer’s. We have expanded our emphasis by feeding domesticated animals like stray dogs and abandoned pets. Every life on earth matters to us! Let us be the voice to those voiceless.

Our Vision

To eradicate the root explanation for the social problems within the country and accelerate the progress of the underprivileged section of society.

We envision a world where the people most vulnerable will be able to uplift themselves out of starvation, hunger and get the basic needs for survival. We help create healthy life for their families and communities by providing them food, now and for the future.

Our Goal

We work to serve humanity with your help to uplift the livelihood of people,animals and our environment on the whole level. Together, we can reduce an imbalance in the society and also inspire other people to join the good cause for a better world of living.

Our Accreditations

Diya Medicare Foundation is registered with NITI Aayog with Unique ID NO DL/2020/0263246

Any donation to Diya Medicare Foundation are eligible for 50% tax Exemption under sec 80G of Income Tax.

Diya Medicare Trust Registration
Diya Medicare 12AA Certificate
Diya Medicare 80G certificate



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